Free-standing chimneys,

It is used to discharge the exhausts of burning devices in industrial plants into the atmosphere. For this type of manufacturing, it is necessary to have TS EN 13084 CE certificate. Static calculations must be made before manufacturing and assembly and a structure that can withstand the nominal values and the dangers that may occur under physical loads must be created.

Free-standing chimneys,

Self-supporting chimneys can be mounted inside the construction, carrier sheet or concrete block.

What is a free-standing chimney?
We all see chimneys outside on a daily basis. Even without technical knowledge, we know a chimney when we see one. So, what is a chimney? How does it make our lives easier? Let's explain... Chimneys are the structural elements that release the waste gases generated during heat generation in residences and production facilities to the atmosphere in an appropriate way and adjust the circulation rate of waste gases according to the needs of the systems. Their production and design is not as simple as one might think, as they have to create traction to ensure gas circulation at the desired speed and intensity, in addition to ensuring that waste gases are discharged.

The different facilities to be used have led to the development of many types of chimneys and systems. Cylindrical chimneys, square and prism chimneys, stainless steel chimneys, chimneys made of brick and concrete, chimneys with active or passive traction systems are produced for many purposes and structures. It is also very important what kind of system the gas to be discharged will pass through. If the waste gas must be released to the atmosphere in accordance with any standard, the chimney systems must be developed accordingly and integrated with the filter systems. It is also very important in the conditions in which the facilities where the chimneys will be used are located.

In order for chimneys to operate healthily and efficiently, the air density inside the chimney must be less than the air density outside. This is the main variable calculated when designing the systems. To achieve this, the temperature inside the chimneys must be much warmer than outside. The main objective is to ensure that the hot air in the chimney naturally exits towards the cold air. The hot air that tends to escape takes with it the gases that need to be expelled and disperses them into the atmosphere. While it is quite easy to achieve this in the heating systems we use in our homes, it requires serious calculation and the use of appropriate materials, as there can be much warmer conditions in factories and industries.

There are several main features that must be present in an efficiently working chimney system. Many variables directly affect the efficiency of a chimney system, such as the temperature difference between the outside air and the inside air, the proper isolation of the chimney system in order not to damage the structure, the sealing of the chimneys for the same purpose, the design of the chimney in accordance with the climate and ambient conditions, the special production and installation of the chimney connections according to the systems and needs, the production of the chimney from materials suitable for the needs in order to provide a long-lasting durability.

Our company's production criteria meet all these requirements. You can contact us for all high-tech chimney systems that offer qualifications according to your needs, manufactured and assembled in accordance with the standards and you can have a preliminary study.

Our company, which has set the goal of quality and quality service since the day it was founded, continues its activities by increasing its knowledge, experience and business lines in which it operates.


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