Garbage shots,

It is designed to control waste in high-rise buildings as a result of the rapid spread of public housing. It is ensured that the garbage carrier falls into the garbage container through the chimney. These structures must be fire-resistant. It is mandatory to place a fire spring in the garbage room and on both floors.

Garbage chutes are very useful in this way and have simplified the removal of waste from homes. These systems can be controlled by automation. In this way, garbage chimneys can convey garbage to different containers according to their type.

Laundry smashesi, on the other hand, is used in hotels, residences and hospitals. This type of system transmits dirty laundry to the laundry household. These systems must be manufactured from at least AISI 304 quality stainless.  

Garbage Shot must be manufactured according to the Regulations. Garbage chutes should be fire-resistant, like chimneys. Garbage disposal covers must be fire resistant for at least 90 minutes.

Garbage chutes are made of 304 stainless products. But because of the cost, some customers may request 430 or galvanized products. But the recommended material is grade 304.

In multi-storey buildings, slowing down is added to the garbage rooms due to the speed of the garbage. In order for these rooms to be cleaned, the room must be covered with ceramic tiles. Also, for fire prevention, there should be fire sprinklers in the room. The garbage room can be equipped with cooling and ventilation so that there is no odor problem. 

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